Today’s blog post is been written by Amit Mehta Founder of Joolay Life. He is a travel and wellness blogger and loves to write about his travel journies. He is a travel enthusiast and he always tries to bridge the gap between traveling and the health associated with it.

So, today he has made his mind to share his knowledge on how traveling can be beneficial for your psychological as well as physical health.

Why Travel is Important? 7 Recreational & Psychological Perks!

Every year more than 1.20 billion people travel around the world. Have you ever dreamt of finding some beautiful place to get lost for a while? If not,
after knowing “WHY” travel is important and how traveling benefits humans, you will surely book a trip to your favorite holiday destination after reading this.
Let’s find out why traveling is important to our recreational and psychological health!

Why Travel is Important

Exploring new cultures

Traveling is not just about exploring new places; it is about knowing new
people, understanding their cultures and getting a taste of their lifestyle.
The reinforcing experience of getting out of your comfort zone gives you an opportunity to learn outside the written inscriptions. 
Traveling not only benefits you with learning about people’s way of life, it actually gives you the opportunity to live their life for a while. This is why
traveling is important as it can benefit your senses in ways that are

Making new friends

We love our friends and who like making new ones too! By traveling to distinct places, you give yourself the opportunity to meet new people, and this wonderful serendipity leads to new friendships. It is the most enriching part of travel what makes it important.
Not only from this perspective but making overseas friends can also open new work opportunities for you which you haven’t already dreamed of. Who knows your buddy in Mauritius may have a deal of a lifetime for you sitting in the States! Traveling sometimes can benefit you in unimaginable ways.

Strengthening your relationships

Traveling is not only a recreational activity, sometimes it’s a relationship builder. Stuck with our daily routine we often are unable to spend quality time with our family and this sometimes creates unseen barriers between us and our loved ones.
But when on a vacation, you can build what’s lost and eliminate the minor bitterness that lack of time may have brought between you and your loved ones. So plan a vacation and get benefitted by traveling with your family believe us, it is important for everyone! 

Strengthening your relationships


It’s not at all bad to take a break from work, stress, and boredom. The relaxation and fun you experience while your travel rejuvenates your body and mind for taking up your demanding routine. Therefore taking off from work is not bad at all to fill up your physical and mental energy bar.
Involving yourself in some leisure and sports activities like hiking, rafting,
paragliding or surfing will refresh your body and mind. The best thing about these fun activities is that you don’t need a whole week’s holiday to enjoy them! Also, these are best for budget travel and don’t demand hefty dollars.
Want to travel cheap? Here are the unique tips for budget travel!

Rediscovering yourself

Travel is not limited to exploring new places, sometimes it is about discovering the REAL YOU! We are unique and capable of doing things unimaginable. Sometimes all it takes to reveal our inner strength is a small vacation.
How? Interacting with various creeds and kinds of people liberates us from our ego and also gives us interesting challenges. It is this process during
which we discover our true-self and capabilities which are left trodden
under daily hassles.

Creating everlasting memories

Life is all about memories. When we travel we meet new people, see
diversified cultures, try unique cuisines and visit some breathtaking
wonders of nature and human engineering like the Great Wall of China,
Eifel Tower, Nigeria Falls, Taj Mahal or Ajanta-Ellora.
This is why travel is important! It gives us memories to share with our present and future generations so that they can also pass them on. This is
one of the best examples of the incredible benefits of traveling that only a
traveler can experience and share.

Creating everlasting memories

Confidence booster

Last but not the least, when it comes to the psychological and sociological benefits of traveling, this one is second to none. Being somewhere new will assist you to gain confidence and presence of mind. This experience will develop the ability to deal with obstacles with confidence.
The confidence travel imparts in you will give you the ability to conquer
things you haven’t imagine of and most importantly, you will EXPLORE
THE WORLD! Want to travel now? Here’s something for those who are wondering where to travel in winter!
Above were the essential benefits of travel which shows us clearly why travel is important. But wait, there’s more to it! Here are some bonus benefits of traveling for you.

  • Travel enhances your social and communicable skills than before.
  • Travelling gives you peace of mind.
  • Travel will bring you out of your comfort zone.
  • Traveling is important as it will broaden your horizons.
  • Travel will give you a new perspective.
  • Travelling will give you a real-life experience.
  • Travel will help you learn new languages.
  • You will experience an adventure when you travel.

With these words, it is a farewell for now but we’ll be back with more about the importance, benefits and fun facts about travel. Till then, stay healthy
and keep traveling!

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Amit Mehta

He is a travel enthusiast and he always tries to bridge the gap between traveling and the health associated with it. He is also the founder of


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