Muña is a plant with a slight mint flavor, of potential applications and has almost magical properties for the stomach. For this reason, the Andean world rescues its benefits in the digestive system since it calms stomach pain and facilitates digestion, it also alleviates the pain caused by menstrual cramps when it is mixed with honey. Quite apart, it also reduces pain in case of fractures in the extremities of the body, you simply have to use its leaves crushed with olive oil, which also helps in case of burns.

Many medicinal plants are better than pills and have fewer side effects, but they should not be overused either. In the same way, it should not be taken for too long , consuming it for two to three weeks is indicated. It is important to note that it is not advisable for expectant mothers and nursing mothers.

Acts  As a Stomach Cleaner:

The first benefit is that the muña is responsible for eliminating intestinal parasites that a person may have. The second is that it is responsible for reducing the appearance of visual problems, such as cataracts, myopia and macular degeneration and also allows to maintain sharpness in vision.

Faced with Respiratory Illness:

The third property is to prevent people suffering from various respiratory problems such as asthma, it helps to decongest the airways caused by various factors.

The fourth is that the leaves of this plant are of great help in healing fractures, dislocations and tumors caused by blows.

And in the end, the fifth benefit is that it helps the proper nutrition of the person, thanks to the fact that it has a high protein content and because it is essential in Andean cuisine, because if the person uses it it will favor an excellent digestion of the food, thus avoiding the formation of gases. Its mode of use is to infuse the leaves in a cup of water.

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