Sea water is a source of healthy mineral resources capable of curing various diseases. Most people go to it in order to relax, rest, sunbathe and simply to be in contact with nature, but in reality they are unaware of the great benefits that it brings to our health internally and externally.

According to the researchers, the components of sea water are the same as those in the body’s cells, being very similar to blood plasma, which is why they recommend drinking beach water, consuming seaweed and salts to be able to recover and maintain health .

Healing properties of sea water

It is good to know that its composition is very different from the waters found in lakes, ponds and rivers (fresh waters). It has Zinc, iodine, potassium and trace elements that make it a great ally for the skin and the body in general.

Its benefits:

  • Cleanses the large intestine, energizes, improves defenses and detoxifies the body.
  • Sea water helps to solve skin problems such as psoriasis.
  • In the case of malnourished children, specialists recommend drinking three glasses of water per day, thus making their problem disappear and improving their health.
  • According to a project in Barcelona, ​​its consumption helps to rehabilitate people addicted to alcohol and drugs, with very good results.
  • It has a great antibiotic effect, since it allows progress in wound healing processes.
  • The simple fact of floating in the sea and swimming among the waves helps us to relax the muscles due to its iodine content, and in turn it helps us to recover from certain injuries, therefore it is ideal to be able to overcome recovery and rehabilitation processes.
  • Recommended for people with diseases or respiratory problems such as colds, coughs with phlegm and other more severe ailments, just breathe in the sea breeze and take baths on the beach since the salt water favors the elimination of all the toxins in the lungs.
  • In the case of rheumatic problems such as arthritis or osteoarthritis, sea water helps to reduce the intense pain of these diseases.
  • Due to its magnesium content, it helps our nervous system, improving and eliminating anxiety states, fighting depression, insomnia, stress and migraine.
  • The salt water massages our feet with the waves and at the same time with the texture of the sand allows the heels to exfoliate.
  • It is also used to treat liver problems, drinking sea water can avoid dizziness, vomiting, urination problems that are the result of kidney failure.


  • In order to take sea water directly, we must be sure to obtain the water from an uncontaminated place rich in healthy substances.
  • Try to spend a few days on the beach, especially when there are not so many people, as it is a very comforting therapy for people suffering from nervous disorders.
  • Take advantage of this summer to take a dip leaving work, you will free yourself from stress, and if you suffer from insomnia you will be able to sleep peacefully.

There is no more rewarding experience than listening to the sea, feeling it in the body, walking on the sand breathing the many benefits of the ocean, especially if you are in the company of your loved ones.

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